La Olla Inc. is a not for profit organization with charitable purposes located in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia.

We  ❤️ Brisbane

Mission statement,


Connecting and supporting community by delivering food access and social integration opportunities.

We bring abundance, fun and joy together along with welfare for CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) population in Australia.


Vision statement,


Commiting to community with joy, kindness and abundance.


Charitable purposes,


La Olla INC. is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance social and public welfare by undertaking activities such as:

– Supporting vulnerable multicultural (CALD) community population  through food donations, education opportunities and connections to necessary services that would enhance their life standards.

– Maintaining a sustainable supply chain to provide affordable or free meals and food, and promoting social inclusion through training opportunities to vulnerable multicultural (CALD) community population .

– Operating activities and events dedicated to provide access to food, social inclusion, diversity and community integration to vulnerable multicultural (CALD ) community population .

Our story,

Nuestra historia

The organization was created as a response to mitigate the impact during the COVID-19 2020 crisis.

Days before the lockdowns would begin, the risk for international communities in the city such as international students and working holidays was imminent. The amount of people facing potential poverty was growing by the numbers. Our initial survey showed that around 600 students were not going to be able to stand the first hit, less they would be able to sustain themselves for two months.

– The international community faced struggle to access food by having no money or having to prioritize expenses due to the total loss of income and the continued pressure to assume all payments of student fees amongst other everyday expenditures.

– There was no systemic contingency plan or any mechanism whatsoever extended from Australian government to this important sector of the population.

– Food availability was either limited at some point or restricted due to self isolation and self quarantine mechanisms. 

As a team conformed by leaders of the Latino community with skills related to connectivity, we coordinated and developed an organizational plan which included a supply chain model to provide as much connections and access to: food supplies and support  to lessen the impact and defend the right to well- being of any individual.

La organización fue creada como respuesta para mitigar el impacto durante la crisis del COVID-19 2020.

Días antes de que se diera inicio a la cuarentena, el riesgo para la comunidad internacional en la ciudad era inminente. Sectores de la población como los estudiantes internacionales y los working holiday se enfrentaban con el problema de caer en línea de pobreza. Nuestro censo inicial mostraba que cerca de 600 estudiantes no podrían recibir el impacto del inicio de la crisis, esto sin contar que las cuarentenas tendrían una duración de dos meses.

– La comunidad se enfrentaba a la dificultad de acceder a alimentos y mercado por no tener dinero o tener que priorizar otros gastos después de haber perdido todas las fuentes de ingreso. La presión de pagar las cuotas de estudios a parte de todos los demás gastos les ponía en aprietos.

– No había indicios de un plan de contingencia sistémico o ningún mecanismo por parte del gobierno Australiano para atender este sector importante de la población. Las organizaciones existentes no lograban resolver las necesidades específicas o conectar con la población de forma efectiva.

– La disponibilidad de alimentos estaba escasa en algún momento, o restringida por mecanismos de cuarentena y movilidad.

Como equipo conformado por líderes de la comunidad Latina, con aptitudes destacables en conectividad, coordinamos y desarrollamos un plan organizacional que incluye una cadena de suministro para proporcionar conexión a iniciativas y acceso a alimentos, mercado y apoyo para reducir el impacto y defender el derecho al bienestar de cualquier individuo.

An inspiring story,

Stone soup. The story that inspired the concept of La Olla.

Come read with us a short tale of abundance, sharing and community.
That when we each give a little we can achieve a lot together!

Stone soup

Author: Ancient human tale. This version was inspired by Kevin Graal version.

Once upon a time, three weary travelers came to the edge of a town. They were strong but looked tired. Their bellies were aching with hunger, as they had nothing left to eat from the journey…

 “Let’s stop in this town for some rest, it looks safe” said one of them.

Now, the people who lived in this town were by no means rich.

The travelers came to the first house and knocked on the door. “Good day” said the first. “Will you please kindly share with us a little of your food?” “And a corner where we can sleep for the night?” “We’ll tell you all about our travels in return,” promised the third.

Sorry,” said the woman of the house. “We gave all our spare food to the travelers who came here last week. And there’s only one room. So sorry” she said and closed the door.

One of the travelers had an idea. “Gather around guys, I have an idea” he said “I’ll tell you.” And so, in whispers and secret signs, he did. And as the plan unfolded, his two companions nodded and grinned from ear to ear.

The first traveler spoke in a big, booming voice so that the nearby townspeople were sure to hear. “How terribly sad that many people have no food at the moment” he said. “But never mind. We three shall go to the town-square and there, as night falls, we shall make a pot of our DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS STONE SOUP!

When she heard this, the lady in the house was extremely curious. “How do you make stone soup?” she asked the travelers from a window.

We’ll gladly show you,” replied the first. Follow us,” said the second. “But maybe you can bring a big pot and a wooden spoon? We will find the wood and set up the warm fire

Arriving in the town square, one of the travelers made a fire. The lady came with the pot filled with water and placed it over the fire to boil.

And now,” said the third traveler, “For the special ingredients!” With a grand and dramatic flourish so that everyone could hear or see, he reached into a weary bag, took out three round stones and plopped them into the pot of water. “Soon we shall feast!” he exclaimed, stirring the pot with the big wooden spoon.

“Oh, my!” The lady gasped in amazement, yet a little bit confused. This made the rumour to spread out. An excited crowd began to gather in the square.

And now,” said the first traveler, “I will taste it! “ As he lifted a spoonful of bubbling water to his mouth, the crowd craned forward to hear his verdict. “It is completely … delicious!” he announced. “Some people might say that it needs a little salt and pepper, but apart from that it is practically perfect.

One man sent their children hurrying home to fetch salt and pepper, which travelers added to the pot.

Just then, an old woman in the crowd called out, “Now that I think of it, I believe I may have an old carrot or two in the house!”. She scurried home and came back carrying a whole sack full of sweet crunchy carrots, which the travelers quickly sliced and added to the pot. I suppose a perfect stone soup could have some onions… but what’s the point of dreaming about ingredients that we simply haven’t got when we can be grateful for what we do have?

At this, an old man’s voice was heard from the crowd. “I’ve got some onions!” he cried. “And cabbages too!” And off he shuffled, returning a few moments later wheeling a barrow full of onions and fresh green cabbages, which again the travelers quickly shredded and put in the pot.

A young handsome guy with a look of pure joy on his face jumped from the crowd declaring: “This stone soup smells scrumptious! I suppose that a few chunks of fish and possibly some potatoes would improve the flavour– I caught some fish today, and I have spare potatoes wasting themselves!

When the crowd heard these words, they felt deeply excited and off they ran to fetch all the food which they had hidden earlier that evening. Soon they returned with sacks and barrows full of tasty ingredients, which the travelers piled into the pot as quickly as they could. “Food fit for the very best celebration!” murmured the townspeople. “And all made from stones! Isn’t it amazing?!”

Finally, the travelers announced that the soup was ready. “But don’t worry,” said the first. “There’s enough for everybody!

 Tables and chairs were placed in the square and bowls and spoons and napkins too! Torches were lit and decorations hung.

 In the middle of the hustle and bustle, the townsman major called out, “A soup as special as this deserves nothing but the best! Let’s fetch bread and beer and barrels of wine from the reserves!” Everybody in the square cheered!

 “One thing we do know for sure” Said one of the travelers. “We happen to be very good musicians. Come one guys! Let’s play some music and celebrate!”

And so the feast began and everyone agreed that they’d never tasted anything so delicious in their lives.

The townspeople listened with rapt attention as the travelers told their tales from far and wide. And the townspeople told the travelers all about their lives in the town as they got to meet with each other and they realized they had so much in common with their neighbors, for the very first times in their life! And then there was singing and dancing until late into the night.

Early in the morning, just as the sun was rising, the travelers departed. “Thank you so much for teaching us how to make stone soup,” said the townspeople.

“Be sure to visit us again,” said the townspeople. “We certainly will,” said the travelers.

Nobody knows for sure whether the townspeople ever noted they’d been tricked a little bit that night. But in a way, it doesn’t really matter because they certainly DID share a very important law of nature:

That when we each give a little we can achieve a lot together!


Our gift from us to you,

For any hardship there is in life, dance a little bit, laugh a little bit, pass the joy, bond, and maybe that way you will help out others!